Designed with long term success built in

 Signature Wellness Retreat

Are you ready to get serious about your weight loss?

Have you reached the point where you are ready to admit that Diets Don’t Work!

We all know that diets don’t work in the long term.  Does that stop us from trying over and over? No.

We can waste so much time, effort and money chasing the dream.

The dream of one day losing the unwanted weight for good and never having to worry the weight will come back.

The dream of having a positive healthy relationship with food.

The dream of having the body, health and wellbeing we want and deserve.

We go from diet to diet, hoping for that miracle, a magic wand, the elixir of weight loss or a secret trick to make the weight loss stick.

But we can seem to end up back in the same position…or worse.

The Body Retreat Signature Weight Loss @Home Retreat is different

Built on the same principles as our successful residential Weight Loss and Wellness Retreat our Signature Retreat@Home is designed with long term success built into its DNA.

On The Body Retreat Signature Retreat@Home there is no counting calories or macros, no excluding whole food groups, no cutting out your favourite food.  Remember this is a plan to set you up for life… so you start to eat for life from day one!

On The Body Retreat Signature at Home Wellness Retreat movement is key.  We differentiate between exercise and activity.  Regular activity is necessary to stay healthy and prevent common age related maladies like heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes, but when it comes to shedding fat and toning your body then you need to exercise.  We will show you the difference and how to apply to your own lifestyle.

A plan to set you up for life

At Home Wellness Retreat – Your online Wellness Coach

Shed Pounds & Inches in One Week

On The Body Retreat Signature Retreat@Home you will also start to understand how you are able to develop a positive mindset that will set you up for long term health success and Wellness at Home.

Signature Retreat@Home starts on Fridays at 4pm to following Friday

  • 13 Fitness Home Workouts + warm up and cool down

  • 6 Bitesize Behaviour Video Modules

  • 3 Live Q&A Sessions

  • 1 Guided Visualisation Download

  • Full week Meal Plan with vegetarian/vegan option

  • Healthy Recipe Collection

  • Shopping list

  • Goal Setting and Motivation Exercise

  • Mental Clarity and Productivity Tips

  • Weight Loss Accountability Tracker

  • Retreat@Home Resources Guide

  • Zoom Catch Up Calls

Delivered through a private Facebook Group

Happy Retreaters who took part in our Wellness at Home Retreat

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

“Was really great.  I enjoyed the food, and found it easier to stick to as we were all doing together. I was stuck in a rut and it has given me a jump start and re-started my motivation.”

Jenny, Bristol

“Great, really enjoyed the workouts!  I haven’t been able to exercise for months so they were perfect for me and ten mins was long enough!   Was delighted to see that I lost 4lbs and an inch and half over the weekend”


Claire, London

“I really enjoyed the @Home Retreat.  It gave me the encouragement to stick to a plan.”

Danilea , Bath

“I have enjoyed the Express@Home Retreat and am hoping to continue with your recipes I think for me it is a start of something positive. And highlights just how important preparation/planning is.”


Win, London

“The meal plan was very easy to use, the menus simple to prepare – which was great as I am not the best cook.”

Carole, Hertford

“I really enjoyed it. It was a great refocusing and restarting time and I liked the structure it gave to my day.”

Carolyn , Dorset

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