Let go of old unhelpful habits.

Online Retreat – Women’s Virtual Weight Loss Retreat

Break the Pattern of Yo-Yo Dieting

Most people think that counting calories, low-fat diets, and high-intensity exercise plans will help you lose weight.

The problem with this is that these methods only produce short term results and then you find ourselves piling the weight back on once you stop or hit a plateau.

Many women who come and join us at The Body Retreat online retreat have spent years, if not decades trying every diet, eating plan, weight loss programme they can.  Yet they still seem to end up back in the same position.

Remember… if you do what you always do…you’ll get what you always got!!

There is a different way with our online retreat

A way that helps you to create a new positive relationship with food.

A way that supports you to step outside your comfort zone and create long lasting change.

A way that means you begin to enjoy a calm mind, balanced energy and restorative sleep all while you shed the weight that is unnecessary for you.

A way that means you start to understand and experience everything you need to achieve and maintain the body, shape and size that feels right for you

Helping women just like you

Body Retreat@Home is
Our Exclusive Online Retreat

Our exclusive Retreat@Home online retreat will help you get in shape, feel great and take back control of your plate, your waistline, your health and your life.

Our Body Retreat@Home virtual retreat will help you reduce inflammation, detox your body, give you more energy, improve your sleep, shed pounds and inches and so much more..

Did you know that with the support of a group you are 248% more likely to succeed than dieting on your own and that is part of what makes this Retreat@Home online retreat so incredible.  Delivered through a Private Facebook Group Retreat@Home gives you the community support you want on your at home wellness retreat.

What’s Included on your Retreat@Home

While core content differs depending on the online women’s retreat you choose on every Retreat@Home you can expect to receive:

  • Easy to follow meal plans, shopping list and recipes

  • Bitesize Behaviour Tutorials

  • Personal Accountability Tracker

  • A Private Facebook group where Retreat@Home is delivered

  • Daily inspiration and support from both your fellow retreaters and the Body Retreat Wellness at Home Team

  • The experience and expertise of the Body Retreat founders in your home

  • Daily exercise to train your whole body

Lets break the pattern

The Body Retreat@Home

Helps you to break the pattern of yo-yo diets which undermines both your physical and mental health
while at the same time supporting you to reclaim control of your body, health and wellbeing for life.

Happy retreaters who took part in our at home retreat

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

“Was really great.  I enjoyed the food, and found it easier to stick to as we were all doing together. I was stuck in a rut and it has given me a jump start and re-started my motivation.”

Jenny, Bristol

“Great, really enjoyed the workouts!  I haven’t been able to exercise for months so they were perfect for me and ten mins was long enough!   Was delighted to see that I lost 4lbs and an inch and half over the weekend”


Claire, London

“I really enjoyed the @Home Retreat.  It gave me the encouragement to stick to a plan.”

Danilea , Bath

“I have enjoyed the Express@Home Retreat and am hoping to continue with your recipes I think for me it is a start of something positive. And highlights just how important preparation/planning is.”


Win, London

“The meal plan was very easy to use, the menus simple to prepare – which was great as I am not the best cook.”

Carole, Hertford

“I really enjoyed it. It was a great refocusing and restarting time and I liked the structure it gave to my day.”

Carolyn , Dorset

Creating healthy habits for life

This is not just “another online programme”
…this is Retreat@Home.

Spaces are limited on all our Body Retreats@Home.  Places are limited to 20 women per wellness at home retreat.
This is to allow us to fully support you through your at home retreat.

Express Retreat@Home

3 Day Kick Start.  Perfect if you are new to cooking, exercising or are just looking for a quick kick-start or reboot.  When you want to start to reclaim a positive relationship with food this is how you start.  Express Retreat@Home is the basic principles of The Body Retreat condensed into a quick nonsense easy to follow Retreat@Home plan.

Runs Thursday – Monday


Signature Retreat@Home

7 Day Full Retreat Programme.  Taking all the principles from our residential Weight Loss Retreat this is the most comprehensive Retreat @ Home.  As well as a step by step and day by day guide to what, how and when to eat, how to move your body, how to let go of your old unhelpful habits, this Signature Retreat @ Home gives you the knowledge and confidence to make this change permanent.

Runs Friday – Friday



Do I need exercise equipment to take part in Retreat@Home?2020-04-22T11:13:44+01:00

For all Retreat @ Home you may want to invest in a good pair of trainers or comfortable shoes for walking and a good sports bra is a life savour.

For the Express Retreat @ Home you need no equipment if you already have hand weights then you can use those to increase the intensity of the workouts.

For the Signature Retreat@Home you will want to get a set of hand weights (1.5 kg or 2 kg is fine ) and a small Kettlebell (4kg, 5kg or 6kg) to allow you to take part fully in all the daily workouts.  However, there are always adjustments offered if you don’t have the equipment so don’t worry too much.  Equipment is nice to have not a need to have.

Do I need to cook my own meals?2020-04-22T11:13:06+01:00

Yes. Our nutritional philosophy is about eating real food, so we have no alternatives for shop-bought/ready meal substitutions.  Having said that whether you are a complete kitchen novice or a wiz in the kitchen you will find that the recipes are clear and concise and with the shopping list it’s easy to start to build up your healthy repertoire.

Will I need to buy supplements or other similar products to follow the Retreat@Home?2020-05-05T10:49:01+01:00

Never.  Supplementation is not a replacement for eating a well balanced nutritiously dense diet.  Real Food for Real Women wanting Real Results.

Do I have to be fit to keep up with the Retreat@Home?2020-04-22T11:10:54+01:00

All our Body Retreat residential or Retreat @Home are designed so that you can work at your own pace.  Yes we will ask you to step outside your comfort zone as that is where change happens but you won’t feel out of your depth at any point.

Are other dietary requirements supported?2020-04-22T11:10:32+01:00

For the Express Retreat@Home the short answer is no.  In the Facebook group, we will be able to support you to make certain alterations to accommodate likes and dislikes etc… but the meal plans are kept the same.

In the longer Signature Retreat @ Home you have the option to have a bespoke Meal Plan and Recipes created for you, so whether you are Celiac, low FODMAP, Lactose Intolerant, have an Auto-Immune Disease we have the expertise to create you a bespoke Meal Plan.  (pls note that you need to give at least one weeks notice for the bespoke  Meal Plan to be created before the start of your Retreat @ Home)

Are the Retreat @ Home Meal Plans suitable for vegetarians/Vegans?2020-04-22T11:10:04+01:00

Yes.  Both our Express and Signature Retreat@Home meal plans come in wither Original or Vegetarian/Vegan


Do I Need to Complete any Forms before I Start?2020-04-22T11:09:44+01:00

For our Express Retreat @ Home you don’t need to complete any paperwork for us, just choose the start date that works for you.

For our Signature Retreat @ Home we will ask you to complete a short Health Questionnaire before your booking on to the Retreat @ Home is confirmed.  This is to ensure that this Retreat@Home is the right fit for you and that we can uphold our promise to support you to achieve the results you want and deserve.


How do I Chose which Retreat@Home is right for me?2020-05-05T10:48:54+01:00

Think about what you would like to achieve from your Retreat @ home and how much time you have to spend.  The Express Retreat will take less than an hour of your day for meal preparation and movement.  The Signature Retreat will ask you to spend more time working through home workouts, educational videos, attend live Q&A Catch Up Sessions.

Why do I need to be on Facebook?2020-04-22T11:09:05+01:00

Our Retreat@Home is delivered though a closed and private Facebook Group.  When you are invited to join the group none of your friends or family can see any comments you post or any materials you download.

Using Facebook allows us to really Show Up for you, in the form of our Facebook Lives …it also allows you to enjoy the support and camaraderie of the fellow Retreat@Home Community.

Why do you have specific start dates for an Online Programme?2020-04-22T11:08:22+01:00

This isn’t another Online Programme… this really is a Retreat @ Home.  In terms of the content, the support, the materials… not to mention the results, our Retreat @ Home is designed to support you to achieve long-lasting results.  Like our Residential Retreats, our Retreat@Home is based on the appliance of science, there is a beginning middle and end to every retreat.  We are with you every step of the way…to be able to keep this commitment we need to give you the time you deserve, so our Retreat @ Home schedule compliments our Residential Retreat Schedules.

What Type of Women join Retreat@Home?2020-05-05T10:48:48+01:00

We have women from all walks of life, all ages, all abilities and from all four corners of the world join our Retreat@Home. This is a retreat that suits every woman….if she is serious about embracing change.

Creating healthy habits for life

Ready to take Action?

Why not let our 10 years of expertness and experience help you to ditch the diets for good.


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